Holly D'Cunha

^Series 2: Artscape Gibraltar Point Residency 2020

Devoting two weeks on the Toronto Islands to making something new, I made some presents for myself and other people with more plaster. Lots to say on these but more to come  :-)

Photographer: Iain Ailles

Clothing & Model: Emmi Ojansivu

Plaster & found glass sculptures by Holly D'Cunha. Shown at Mass Exodus 2019. 

"This project centres around experiences of hybrid-ethnic identity and materiality in abstract and concrete forms. Manipulation of traditional and pre-fabricated objects examines the adaptations made to personal security in a space designed without you in mind. 

Abstract forms manifest feelings of isolation in familiar space. An ever-present sense of confusion towards cultural belonging takes on new shapes. Through these sculptures, the texture of hair is represented as enveloping everyday objects, demanding focus on their own tender and tangled mess of solid forms. Hair symbolizes identity, change, and memory to me. Blending in until questioned, these sculptures sit quietly upholding their small useful counterparts. They take up space with feeling rather than purpose, overlapping and consuming things around them. 

This is a celebration of cultural healing, of coming to terms with your own."

Photography by Holly D'Cunha, graduate installation in collaboration with Emmi Ojansivu and Adrienne Collins. 

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